Feature Friday

Add a Due Date to a task, and watch it sort itself

July 31, 2020

Hope you had a good week! We sure did, and to our new users, welcome to our Weekly Feature Update email. 😊

Based on your feedback, here's what we've been working on this week.


  • Due Dates are finally here! Technically, I announced this last week, but we've added a lot of enhancements since. ⏰

Due Dates can now be added to tasks, and be view from their own column. Tasks with due dates also sort themselves now!
Later = more than 1 week away.
Soon = less than 1 week away.
Now = less than 3 days away.
When a task is overdue, the due date will turn pink.

Create a Task with Due Date

  • If you missed it last week, you can now send tasks to Office Otter via text! Phone number is: (949)541-9042. 📲 Don't forget to go into your Profile and add a phone number first! Contact information for Office Otter will now be visible on the Home Page as well.

Go to My Profile so I can add Texts!

  • Users can now change their passwords! (Thanks, Paige!)
  • Editing a task Description is now much more intuitive. Hover over and click in or out. ✏️
  • If you've been randomly seeing uncompleted tasks in your completed section, we fixed that too! (Thanks, Nena! haha) ✅
  • We're doing a Thank You Gift giveaway for everyone who completes 100 tasks!💌 Stay on the lookout for our countdown emails to track your progress.

Bugs we fixed this week:

  • This week we fixed bugs related to duplicate tasks (thanks, Tatiana!), slow loading times, and slow editing tasks loading times.
  • Not going to lie, we're on top of this! If you ever find a bug, you know where to find me!💁🏻‍♀️  

We can't wait to hear what you think, and shoutout to our one and only CTO, Jordan! 👏🏼

Happy Tasking!

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