Feature Friday

Rapid Tasks, Delete a Task, and edit a Recurrence

November 6, 2020

Hope you've all had as good of a week as possible! I know it's hard to focus with the election dragging on 💆🏻‍♀️

Hopefully this will brighten your Friday! We've got some great new feature updates. Don't forget to refresh Office Otter on your desktop to see all our new features.

  • You can now delete tasks! Find it here!🗑

  • As we mentioned last week, Drag and Drop for checklists is HERE! Just click on a checklist, hold it, and drag it into its' proper order. ✅
  • You can now edit or end a recurrence. Just go in and change the time or cadence or look for the new End Recurrence button.

  • Next, meet Rapid Tasks! The majority of tasks created are from our dashboard so we wanted to introduce a quicker way to make tasks. Just start typing your task and click enter to create. Let us know what you think!

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