Office Signage and Why You Need It for Re-opening Post COVID

December 15, 2020

Between COVID-19 CDC regulations on social distancing and all other related safety precautions, people are still nervous about easing back to a “normal routine.” Though there are vetted COVID-19 vaccines getting ready to hit the public by the end of the year (estimated to have enough to vaccinate 20 million Americans by the end of December 2020), it does not necessarily mean that everyone is fully protected and out of the woods since the surge back in March.


What does this mean for businesses in terms of reopening post COVID? It means you will need to take rigorous precautionary measures to build confidence, trust, and reputation with your customers again. It means strategic planning, operation alterations, and added safety protocols. And above all, you are going to need to communicate with your audience that you have taken these practical measures, and the best way to help spread that word is through office signages.


What Does Office Signage Entail?


Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, small business, or run a corporate office, signs should be an integral part of your reopening plans. By using signages, you are able to communicate the vital messages to your customers and your employees on COVID-19 precautions you are taking, such as social distancing to new altered services to protect the wellbeing of others.


In a nutshell, these signs are perfect for both getting your message across in a clear, concise, and easy to read manner while also developing that underlying trust and confidence factor to get people to do business with you again. Not to mention that this is also another way you can express gratitude and empathy, enabling you to grow your brand image to portray that caring and concerning nature.


The Benefits of COVID-19 Office Signage


When reopening your business, signage reflecting COVID-19 efforts is a key visual element to promote advancing brand awareness, which can become the catalyst for attracting old and new customers back. Even though posting signs is all about sending a message and giving your business the best shot at reviving from the economic crisis, the benefits they surface go much deeper than that.


·   Conveys Information About Your Business - This point is one of the most important features of adding signs to your business, and the very reason why it has been mentioned several times already. Adding signs gives people a non-ambiguous outlook of what your brand values are, what your plans include, and that you are putting their health and wellbeing first. This information is crucial for brand marketing because of this and sets you up for an excellent competitive advantage over other places that neglect it. 


·   Cost Effective - We will get into the cost more in the next section below, but know that adding signs to your business is something that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to do. There are tons of templates out there that you can download easily, and creating custom signs is not that hard to make or expensive to hire someone to do. Because of this reason, adding signs is something that will drive a massive return on your investment because it will entice customers to come in and spend with you again.


·   Offers Guidance - Let's say you added in a temperature checking station or several new hand sanitizing areas in your business. Though fantastic innovation to ensure safety for you, your employees, and customers/clients, it might be hard for people coming in to know that it is there at all. This is especially true if those stations are in more secluded locations in your building and not very easy to spot right away. This is where signage can come in handy because these can be bright, big, and placed in prime areas where people cannot miss it. They will feel more secured and at ease knowing what and where the new features are and get to it without hassle.


·   Customers/Clients Know What Is Expected from Them Upfront - Does your store require masks? What about temperature checks before they are allowed in? Much like a “no shoes, no service” sign, these COVID-19 ones are a way for you to communicate with customers or clients what they need to do up front so there are no surprises. The last thing you will want is to forget to add a mandatory mask sign and face an unhappy mask-less person who came in not knowing the necessary information at the door. With a sign(s), things and situations like this can be avoided, or at least faced far less often.


Helpful Resources to Get Your Started


As great as signage can be, you might be wondering how much it is going to cost you to design or have someone create one for you for each particular COVID-19 precautions and implemented rules you made. Sure, you can do this yourself, but understand that there are some easy and completely free signages that you can download and use right now. To help you out, below are some resources you can take advantage of, save some cash, and make this signage mission a seamless one.


·   Face Mask Required

·   Hand Sanitization Station

·   One-Way Foot Traffic

·   Social Distancing Signage

·   Temperature Check Station

·   Visitor Sign-In


Of course, these resources above are just examples that you are free to use if you wish to. There are tons of other places you can get more customized ones to add your branding image to it or signs that are more reflective of your particular industry. In fact, you can find a whole inventory of free printable signages listed on the CDC site. Also, understand that these signs do not have to just be for physical locations; you can add digital signages as well to your e-commerce store or website if you tapped into the online market. If this applies to you, think about adding in COVID-19 signs that make people feel comfortable in ordering with you (if you sell online) or feeling more assured about stepping into your business when seeing your website filled with reassuring safety messages.


Tip: Along with integrating signages, here is a reopening safety plan guide that you can leverage to cover all your reopening bases. Though it is tailored to the state of New York, the majority of the concepts apply nationwide.


Conclusion - Don’t Neglect Signage


It is no secret that some businesses, both large and small, will make it through this economic crisis, and others will not. Because of this well-known fact and high stakes risk, owners of every industry are scrambling to survive through intense planning, modifications, and strategy transformations to adapt and hopefully thrive on the other side. Yes, these are all necessary steps you will need to take as well to stay afloat, as it can be all too easy to focus on all the big stuff and forget that the little things, like signage that can cultivate large results too.


In summary, don’t neglect signage. As small as an effort posting respected COVID-19 signage is, the value it provides is nothing shy of substantial. You are doing your part in reducing the risk of the virus spreading, building your customer trust back up since the mandated shut down, and are giving your business the best chance at recouping from the losses that inevitably occurred this past year. Overall, posting some simple safety signs can instill that trust that has been discussed throughout this whole article and can be the resource to support you in succeeding now and well beyond these COVID-19 hardships.