Fun Facts about Otters ❤️

November 10, 2020

As you know, we love otters. So if you're looking for an adorable distraction, here are 10 fun facts about otters!

otter snuggles!

1) Thirteen different species of otter exist all around the world. Some are small river otters, and some are bigger sea otters.

2) 90% of all sea otters live on the coast of Alaska.

3) They're hungry animals! Sea otters eat 25% of their body weight in food every day.

4) They like to eat sea urchins, clams, mussels and crabs. They use their sea whiskers to find small creatures to eat, and their paws to dig for clams.

5) Clever creatures, they'll use rocks to crack open the clams. They carry rocks and store food in the loose skin under their armpits - who needs carrier bags!

6) Unlike most marine mammals, they don't have a layer of blubber. But, they do have the thickest fur of all animals.

7) Baby otters are called pups. Newborn pups need lots of attention, and will stay close to their mum's until they've developed enough skills to go it alone - usually at 6 months.

8) An otter pup's fur is too dense for it to swim underwater. So, their mother leaves them floating while she searches for food, until their adult fur grows in.

9) Don't challenge an otter to a holding-your-breath competition! Sea otters can stay underwater for 5 minutes, and river otters can hold their breath for even longer - 8 minutes!

10) Otters like to stick together, so when they sleep they will wrap themselves in seaweed and float together in a group. A group of resting otters is called a raft. We wouldn't go drifting away on one of these rafts, however! Otters have a nasty bite!

Okay now back to work ;)