Feature Friday

Due Dates are here, people!

July 24, 2020

This week was fantastic. We got to hear the first wave of feedback from our first users and begin collecting votes on what's up next.

Based on your feedback, here's what we're announcing! I think you're going to like this one...😌


  • Due Dates are finally here! 😍 Just refresh your page to start using.

As many of you requested for our Top New Feature, Due Dates are now available on individual tasks.
Instead of selecting an urgency setting, simply select a date and time. Due dates are only available to edit within an task for now.

Coming next week: A separate column to view and sort by Due Dates from your Home Page, and adding a Due Date in Task Creation. 🙌🏼
Just refresh your page to start using Due Dates! Tasks will also change up in urgency level based on how close their due dates are.

Create a Task with Due Date

  • If you missed it last week, you can now send tasks to Office Otter via text! Phone number is: (949)541-9042. Don't forget to go into your Profile and add a phone number first! Contact information for Office Otter will now be visible on the Home Page as well.

Go to My Profile so I can add Texts!

  • Users can now attach Hyperlinks to Tasks. 🔗 (Shoutout to Sarah from Sendoso for that one!)
  • Editing a task Description is now much more intuitive. Hover over and click in or out. ✏️
  • You can now set your Timezone in your Profile to receive Daily Summaries more accurately. ⏰
  • We're doing a Thank You Gift giveaway for everyone who completes 100 tasks!💌 Stay on the lookout for our countdown emails to track your progress.

Bugs we fixed this week:

  • Have you been having issues sending emails or text? Sometimes long emails haven't been going through. Message us so we can pull it up for you, or retry by editing the email before sending again. If your texts haven't been going through, double check to make sure your Phone Number is in your Profile!
  • This week we fixed bugs related to your Slack integrations, Daily Summaries, unexpected logging out, the Completed section, and Signing up.
  • Not going to lie, we're on top of this! If you ever find a bug, you know where to find me!💁🏻‍♀️  

We can't wait to hear what you think, and shoutout to our one and only CTO, Jordan! 👏🏼

Happy Tasking!