Feature Friday

Drag and Drop (it like it's hot)

October 16, 2020

I know we all need this weekend so I'll keep this Feature Friday email short :)

Summary: Drag and Drop for checklist items is here! As you know, recurring tasks are here! (do a feedback call with us to share how it's been going), delete checklists and notes is here, and sharing is coming soon!

  • Drag and Drop for checklists is HERE! Just click on a checklist, hold it, and drag it into its' proper order. ✅
  • As we announced last week, Recurring Tasks are HERE! Just create a task with a due date and edit your recurring requirements after creating the task. ⏰

  • We've been working hard on sharing tasks for others to View or to Do! We want your feedback on this before we launch it so reach out if you're excited about sharing!

  • We fixed a lot of bugs 🐞 related to recurring tasks.

Also, I got a kitten this week!

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