Feature Friday

Delete checklists and notes! And feedback calls on recurring tasks

October 9, 2020

Happy Feature Friday!

We've got a lot of new stuff to share with you so check it out below!

Summary: recurring tasks are here! (do a feedback call with us to share how it's been going), delete checklists and notes is here, and sharing is coming soon!

  • As we announced last week, Recurring Tasks are HERE! Just create a task with a due date and edit your recurring requirements there. ⏰

  • You can now delete checklists and notes!🗑

  • We've been working hard on sharing tasks for others to View or to Do! We want your feedback on this before we launch it so reach out if you're excited about sharing!

  • We fixed a lot of bugs 🐞 related to helping new users sign up more seamlessly!

Thank you all for being a part of this wonderful product and company! In additional exciting Office Otter news, we also got our first investor right before the wedding! Can't wait to build out more beloved features. Happy Tasking!  

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