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3 Tools That Help You Track Your Job Performance

March 4, 2022

Tracking job performance metrics is helpful for presenting at 1:1s with your manager, performance reviews, and when negotiating promotions or raises. Metrics allow you to show on paper the value you bring to the company and how your work impacts its goals.

In our post How To Centralize and Track Your Role To Get Promoted, we talked about the key questions to ask yourself to determine WHAT you need to track. Now, let’s talk about HOW to track performance with online tools.

Office Otter

Our software has built-in performance reports (even the free plan!). Each report is downloadable and allows you to measure performance by the number of tasks completed, task type by labels, response times, and overall efficiency. Click the Reports tab at the top of your dashboard to access your stats.


This robust online tool is great for tracking any dataset. It gives you many ways to sort and view your data right out of the box. Whether you are in operations, HR, marketing, or sales, Airtable has existing templates built just for you. Take a look at Airtable reports here


Many companies use this people management platform to set transparent goals for each employee, manage performance reporting and reviews, and oversee employee development. If your company has this platform, you can track your progress against the goals you set with your manager. See what Lattice can track here.