Office Otter turns your conversations into tasks in one click, while you're on the go.

You can send to-dos from your phone or computer using text, email, slack, teams, or siri.

Average time to set up once: 32s
Average time saved every week: 10 hours

Start your free trial, and add office otter to your messaging platforms.

Turn conversations into tasks in one click while you're on the go. No 5-step process or overly technical ticketing here!


Prioritization and notifications how you like it.

Whether you consider an HR task, an almond milk purchase, or a facilities request a Level 1 or a "someday" task, customize it with us.

Get that satisfying checking things off feeling.

Checking things off your list has never felt better! Convert completed items into detailed reports so that you can show your team all that you truly do.


Check out the benefits of Office Otter and how we stack up against the "competition".

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