Let's answer some questions

Have questions about Office Otter? We've got all the answers you need.

Can you import tasks from Todoist?

Yes, you can! it just depends on how many tasks and what format you’d like. Please message our team in the chat bubble to learn more.

Does Office Otter work with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, we work with Outlook and we have an app in the Teams app store!

Do you have a desktop app or mobile app?

We do not have a desktop app or mobile app (both are coming soon!). Our web app is completely mobile-responsive, so it will work on your phone just like a mobile app. A lot of our users bookmark officeotter.co and keep open on their computer or open to the side all day 😊, just like a desktop app.

Does Office Otter work with GMail?

Yes, We work with Gmail 🙂. We actually work with any email service - just sign up and start emailing your tasks into your Office Otter account!

Is your program HIPPA compliant?

Yes, we are! In fact, we have several existing HIPPA compliant clients already. If you'd like to learn more about our Security and Privacy policy, you can do that here: https://www.officeotter.co/resources/data-security-at-office-otter

How does each channel work (text, siri, email, slack)?

Once you sign up for Office Otter, we give you an email and a phone number that you can send or forward emails to and send texts to, which automatically go directly into your account as tasks. For slack, we have an app that you can add to your workspace without anyone else at the company getting notified! It's just your secret weapon. When you save our number as "Office Otter" in your phone, you can tell Siri to "Text Office Otter" any task you want to add to your account! 

Can I get Daily Summaries of the tasks I have pending?

Yes! We automatically send you an email each morning or evening of your top 5 most important outstanding tasks. In your profile, Daily Summaries can be customized.

Is Office Otter free?

See officeotter.co/pricing.

I have an idea for how to make OO better or something I’d like to complain about!

Chat our team and we’ll get back to you right away on how to fix the problem or how you can help us make the product better.

Can you set up multiple lists?

Yes, with our Labels feature or our urgencies feature, you can look at your list based off of what type of task it is or how urgent it is. We also have an All Tasks view that gives you the macro view on your work.

Is there a time tracking feature?

Yes! You can add multiple time entries to any task and it automatically totals the time you've spent. In our Reports section, we give you several on demand quantitative insights on your work including a task completion chart. We also help you track amount of tasks created vs completed, your busiest and most productive days, your top keywords, and much more. Check your Reports section here: https://app.officeotter.co/reports

What are the Reports for?

Reports can really be used however you’d like them to, but it’s important to remember that in this data-driven world having your work tracked and measured is incredibly valuable. Our users have used Reports and their Completed section for everything from weekly 1:1s to monthly team meetings, quarterly performance reviews, and even to ask for raises and promotions!

Can I add my work email and my personal email to my OO account?

Yes, you can add multiple emails to your Office Otter account in your Profile!

How can I set up a demo?

You can do our fast walkthrough here or schedule a call with our team here : https://calendly.com/shayanneisawesome/office-otter-general

If I integrate with my Slack, will that show up on my company's entire account? or just mine?

Nope! It’s just your secret weapon 😎 - you can make tasks from DMs, public channels, group messages, and no one will be notified!