Stories and Testimonials from Office Otter's favorite customers.

My phone used to be full of voice reminders and now it’s completely clear because I use Siri to make tasks with Text and send to Office Otter! I love how many ways i can interact with it... it’s like I can speak multiple languages to my tasks.
I call Office Otter my memory saver! On Sunday night, I got an influx of tasks in Slack, and when I remembered that I had Office Otter, I squealed! It's honestly crazy that it doesn't already exist. It's so easy and intuitive.
From even the first week of using Office Otter, I started loving it. I even shared with my manager after 3 days of using it, and I shared how great it was that you can sort by urgencies.
I keep Office Otter open on my desktop all day. I like the customizations I can do with checklists and notes, and I freaking love due dates. Plus, the daily summaries are so helpful because there are things that I do forget about! Thank you, Office Otter!
Can't remember the last time I ended my day at 5 and felt comfortable knowing that I didn't miss a beat since Covid hit! I'm feeling more calm and managed than ever, and it's even changed my mindset on getting things done. Thank you Office Otter!
With Office Otter, there’s a lot more flexibility than Todoist. As a Founder, tasks can come from anywhere: emails, calls, meetings, Slack, etc. so what I love the most about Office Otte is that it’s very easy to get everything into one place. Office Otter is my net that can catch everything so that I don’t have to worry about it later.
Office Otter has seriously changed my life.
It has helped me tremendously; I’ve taken down my sticky notes that are everywhere, and I feel so much more professional.
I’m being so efficient it’s almost kind of scaring me, and I can’t believe how much time it’s saved me. I just keep it open on my desktop all day, and I never forget anything now. What I like the most is the convenience to be able to send something right over from anywhere and know that it’s there in one central place! - Circle CI
I used Office Otter for my most recent quarterly performance review. Before OO, when I was asked what tasks I’ve completed or what I accomplished, I couldn’t even recall my biggest task, and I didn’t want to disregard all the work I’ve done. OO gave me a quantifiable way to measure that I was completing 30 tasks a week, and over 300 tasks in the last 3 months + being able to then focus on the bigger projects I worked on. Managers want data and previously, I was unable to give data around running lunches, answering one-offs, - then when I saw a dip in productivity, I was able to know exactly why.