The Benefits of Office Otter.

Office Otter is a communication based task management software for Internal Operations Roles.

User Experience


“Office Otter has made it so that I never forget a task and drop the ball on something needed to be done.”

Managers and employees can ensure the job always gets done.

“My workflow is no longer scattered between multiple communication channels, pen and paper, excel sheets, etc. and is now centralized through Office Otter meaning I spend less time jumping from tool to tool.”

Employees save time and increase efficiency with workflow autonomy.

“I can utilize role specific features in Office Otter like daily summaries, smart due dates, templates, and checklists to stay on top of my role better than any other tool.”

Turn traditionally reactive employees into exceptional proactive employees.

“I have on demand access to data and reports on how I work, my completion rates, and task stats, and can show in confidence what I’ve historically completed.”

Managers get visibility on how employees works with quantitative and qualitative metrics.

How Office Otter works:

Users integrate Office Otter with all of their communication channels (Email, Slack, Teams, Text, Siri) and are instantly able to turn conversations into tasks on our centralized task management system.

Task management from text messages, task management from emails, task management from slack, and task management from siri.

Users can then rank their tasks based on their urgencies and have immediate access to their most important tasks.

Users can add checklists, track progress, add notes, attachments, turn into a task template, into a recurring task, and add a smart due date.


Users get reports of all their work including completion times, top keywords, metics on task creation, metrics on task completion time, and rates of productivity.

How Office Otter compares in Pricing:

Middle of the pack for most to-do list tools, but leading the pack in vaulable features.

Pricing Comparison
Price per User
Task Management
Communication Integrations
Made for Internal Operations
Office Otter

How we've helped real people:


"I have a 50% reduced margin of error because of Office Otter"


"Office Otter saves me 10 hours a week"


"Office Otter has given me peace of mind"


"25% additional ability to dedicate towards proactive tasks now"


"Can now make data backed decisions into hiring, and team goals."


"Now I can quantify the my team's performance."